Tip 334

Ask a friend or loved one to encourage you when you have difficulty starting a task. Their words of affirmation can be the reward to get you going.

Tip 335

When looking at a list of chores, think about tackling the one that will make you FEEL better once it is out of the way.

Story 336

Finding Inspiration

People with ADHD can be a source of inspiration for others because they often possess unique talents and abilities. Some of the most successful and creative people in history are believed to have had ADHD, including Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, and Winston Churchill.

Tip 337

Take a break and calm down. Take a moment to step away from the pressing tasks and clear your mind. Being stressed will not lead to success. Implement breathing exercises, drink a glass of water, or go for a short walk to reset.

Tip 338

Remind yourself that you're the one in charge, move through the task despite it being uncomfortable.

Tip 339

Tasks become much easier when they are habits. If you do the same task at the same time every day, it will become a habit!

Tip 340

If you start a new task before finishing your current one, chances are you'll start another one. Then another one. Do only one thing at a time, and pause to celebrate completion

Tip 341

Recount previous successes and be confident in your ability to try new things.

Tip 342

Think about how the small tasks you have to do are actually leading to your life goals. For example, you want to be a professional writer someday - getting your English assignment done is a key small step on that path to your life goal.

Tip 343

Instead of thinking negatively about the amount of work left, reframe your thoughts to congratulate yourself on what you accomplish as you keep moving through a task.

Story 344

Instructions without task paralysis

Make a list. Write out the instructions. While this can be helpful when trying to ensure you complete a task, it can also be done incorrectly and cause task paralysis.

Tip 345

Tell yourself: "I can and have done difficult things."

Tip 346

Every time you tell yourself: "I don't feel like doing this," you postpone your success.

Tip 347

Use a physical object to remind you about a task. For example, you need to take out the garbage tomorrow morning. You can place the garbage can in front of your door to remind you.

Tip 348

Plan incentives, then celebrate when you reach a goal. Celebrate your positive steps. Treat yourself by taking a bath, buying a fancy coffee, or contributing to a rainy day fund.

Tip 349

If you feel stuck, list out your strengths (creativity, empathy, honesty etc.) and then choose a task to accomplish that relates to one of your strengths.

Tip 350

Working with others is a great way to begin a task. Even if you're not working on the same thing, try to work in an environment where others are being productive.