Tip 299

When driving, use hands-free ways to communicate, this will help you avoid any dangerous distractions while on the road. If you can't stay off it--think about putting your phone in the trunk!

Tip 300

Wear bright colored clothing when walking at dusk or night.

Tip 301

If you bike for longer distances, look into getting a bike helmet mirror. Seeing behind you can be important.

Story 302

Buddy system

The buddy system is a safety technique in which two or more people work together to ensure the safety and well-being of each other.

Tip 303

Moving locations? Send a text to whoever needs to know!

Tip 304

1 in 6 car accidents with injuries stem from distracted drivers. Do not text and drive!

Story 305

Drunk Driving

Did you know that 28% of traffic-related deaths in the US in 2016 were due to drunk driving? (CDC)

Tip 306

In an emergency, call 911!

Story 307

Biking with a helmet

The majority of non fatal bike injuries treated in the ER result are brain injuries. The stats don't lie...

Story 308

The Importance of communication

Effective communication is crucial in any relationship. Keeping loved ones informed of your whereabouts and plans not only shows respect, but also reduces stress and increases safety.

Tip 309

Before crossing the street stop, look (left, right and left again), and listen!

Tip 310

Don't wear ear buds and listen to music when you are biking - you can miss important warning sounds.

Story 311

Safe Sex for Adults with ADHD

As adults with ADHD, it can be easy to get caught up in the moment and forget about taking precautions during sexual activity. However, making smart sexual decisions is essential for protecting yourself and your partner from potential health risks.

Tip 312

Stay on sidewalks. It's hard for cars to see you, stay on sidewalks when you are walking or biking.

Story 313

You only get one body

The human body is an incredible thing. It can do a lot. But you only get one of them! So think about what you do to your body!