Story 276


Dealing with a break up can be a rollercoaster for anyone, but for those with ADHD, emotions can be even more intense.

Tip 277

Write sweet messages on post-it notes and place them where your loved one will find them throughout the day - in their lunchbox, on their computer screen, or on the bathroom mirror.

Story 278

Connecting with Your Significant Other

Affirming words and touchpoints are essential for building and maintaining strong relationships. By expressing your love and support through specific, thoughtful actions, and being receptive to the needs and preferences of your loved ones, you can foster deep connections and a lasting sense of love and appreciation.

Story 279

3 key factors in dating

Physical attraction, chemistry, and shared values all play important roles in a successful relationship. While physical attraction and chemistry can draw two people together, it's shared values that provide a solid foundation for a long-lasting relationship.