Tip 384

“Every life needs a purpose to which it can give the energies of its mind and the enthusiasm of its heart.” St. Francis of Assisi

Story 244

Automate behavior

ADHD adults can often have expansive minds but may struggle with following through on their goals due to the complexity they add to their tasks. It's important to simplify and automate tasks to free up energy and focus on what's important.

Story 245

Framing your Goals for Success

Achieving our goals requires a clear vision, planning, and determination. One effective strategy to focus on what's important and keep us on track is to frame our goals in terms of "near term", "short term", and "long term".

Story 246

Good goals are SMART

The key to being effective is having good goals. Bad goals will keep you confused and stuck. Good goals will help you stay on track and keep the progress going until you finish.

Story 247

You're in the Driver's Seat!

A positive coach is your ability to provide an objective perspective on your goals with both praise and honesty. It takes seeing the positive attributes of ADHD and reinforcing your incremental progress.

Story 248

Getting into College with ADHD

You know what you want. Let's get there. By breaking down our goals and develop strategies to reach them, we can increase our chances of success. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Story 249

Planning your future

Setting goals is the best way to identify then work towards accomplishing your desires. Let's practice making goals a part of our motivation and strategy for success.