Story 213

Attention to details

Details are an essential aspect of learning, understanding, and retaining information.

Tip 214

Memory and learning go hand-in-hand. You need both to do one or the other.

Tip 215

If you can't remember why you entered a room - don't waste time. Go right back to the room where you came from where an environmental cue will remind you what you were doing.

Story 216

What is working memory

Learning disorders such as ADHD often go hand in hand with working memory issues. In order to effectively tackle these challenges, it's important to understand what working memory is and how it plays into the learning process.

Tip 217

Keep a notepad next to your bed. Your mind tends to have lots of thoughts when you go to bed or when you are waking up. When you get an important thought, your notepad will always be there so that you can write it down.