Tip 218

People with ADHD are great at making piles. This can lead to stress as things pile up and get disorganized. Try to limit the piles you create and monitor them regularly before they become overwhelming.

Story 219

All about that backpack

Identify two things, First the correct backpack that allows you to organize your daily school materials and keep you prepared for ANY situation. Second create the right system in place when you work out of your backpack at home.

Tip 220

Make a space that you use when you return home where you keep the important items that you use every day (wallet, keys, etc.)

Story 221

Go buy - cleaning supplies

The crust on your toilet has turned to a new color of green and now has a foul smell oozing from it. It's time to get rid of it. Water, hand soap, and paper towels aren't doing the job but you have nothing else.

Story 222

Go buy - food

You are hungry and you just don't have much food around. Avoid having this problem again by proactively buying ahead and save money by not ordering food.

Story 223

Go buy - personal care

Most of us already struggle to spend the time we should on ourselves. Get what you need to take care of #1 you are worth it.

Tip 224

Keeping workout clothes, backpacks and other materials you need to use in your car makes sure you're always prepared.

Tip 225

Don't forget your keys! Have designated spots where you keep your keys whether you're at home, at the office, and or at the gym.

Tip 226

Did you lock the door?

Tip 227

Planning meals weekly can ensure that you get the nutrition that you need. This could be a mix of takeout, cooking, and meal prep.

Story 228

Overnight trip

Do you have everything?

Tip 229

Don't forget your phone! Putting it in the same place can make it easy to remember.

Story 230

Toilet kit

You can always add to your toilet kit but this is a good start for when you travel.

Tip 229

A friendly reminder to not forget to bring your wallet when you leave the house, as it is an essential item for many daily activities like buying food, paying for transportation, and more.