Tip 198

Do not check emails, texts, or social media when you are on a timeline or need to be somewhere.

Tip 199

Planning to arrive 10 minutes early will usually get you there on time.

Tip 200

Use a positive mindset when approaching things, including punctuality. Instead of thinking "I won't be late", think "I will be on time".

Tip 201

Change your clocks to be a few minutes ahead. This way, you'll always be operating ahead of schedule.

Tip 202

Make a commitment to yourself that you'll be punctual. Make it part of your identity.

Story 203

Tardy smarty

Taking control of your time management can lead to a more successful and stress-free life.

Tip 204

Don't try and squeeze in "one last thing". It's easy to lose track of time and be late.

Tip 205

Plan for everything to take longer than you think it will.

Story 206

A game of numbers

Let's play a game that encourages being on-time.

Tip 207

Being late can impact people's perception of you and get you into trouble at school or work.

Story 208

The time you need

To get a better handle on your morning routine and ensure you arrive on time, it's helpful to quantify the time it takes to get ready.

Story 209

Travel time

It's essential to account for travel time in your planning process. This can help you avoid delays, reduce stress, and ensure that everything runs smoothly

Tip 210

Put addresses in your calendar events ahead of time and quickly navigate to where you need to go.

Tip 211

Most calendar apps have built-in alerts. Help yourself by actually using them!

Tip 212

Understanding the benefits of being on-time for something will help you want to arrive on time.