Tip 097

Underlining words, writing in the margins of the page, and highlighting are all great ways to stay moving and stay alert.

Story 098

The Power of Hearing for Learning

Using hearing as a memory tool can make learning both fun and effective.

Story 099

The Benefits of Moving for Learning

Do you struggle with retaining information? Connecting movement with learning can help you improve your memory and make learning more effective.

Story 100

Unlock the Power of Visualization for Better Learning

Have you ever noticed how marketers use iconic images and logos to represent their companies? These visual cues help to easily recall information and the same strategy can be used for learning too.

Tip 101

When you're learning or remembering something, use all the senses! Read it, say it out loud, write it out, create visualizations of it, experience it by touching it, and even smell it if it helps.

Tip 102

Recite the information you need to learn out loud. This activates your sense of hearing, and your brain starts learning in multiple ways at the same time.

Story 103

Maximize Your Learning with Movement

Get a boost in focus, energy, and mood with simple body movements.