Story 110

Overcoming Negative Thoughts

Emotions can be unpredictable, just like bad actors in a play.

Story 111

Escape the Noise with a Microhike

A path to a clearer mind

Tip 112

Stress can be useful! It can help you focus and stay on task. Remember that stress is only effective as long as the emotion behind it is excitement to get things done. If it's fear (like a fear of failure), then the stress is not positive.

Tip 113

Specific moments or interactions can trigger emotions in seconds! It's important to remember that there are many more seconds in a day, over 80,000 in fact, so it's crucial not to let a few negative moments ruin the entire day.

Tip 114

In video games the perspective is BEHIND the player. Remember that when you are engaged in heavy conversation with another individual. Consider their position, their point of view, their background, and their emotions.

Tip 115

Exercise is a great way to channel emotions out of your body. If you work your mind every day, you have to balance your body too! Aim for 30 mins of cardio, five times a week.

Tip 116

Life is full of ups and downs. It's important to have a community. Discuss your triggers and fears with someone reliable and who has your best interests in mind so you can tackle those situations together.

Story 117

Changing Your Perspective for Better Emotional Control

Experiencing emotional ups and downs can be difficult to handle, but there is a way to gain some perspective and control.

Story 118

The Power of Self-Reflection for Healing

We've all experienced stress and emotional turmoil at some point in our lives.

Story 119

Overcoming Fear with a Big Picture Perspective

Fear is a natural part of life, whether it stems from academics or personal situations.