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Cards Against ADHD

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Why did you build The ADHD Handbook?

To democratize access to high quality ADHD self-management strategies. Nearly all patients diagnosed with ADHD are prescribed medication for their disorder, but rarely do individuals get the opportunity to learn self-management strategies or have the necessary tools to become fully effective with ADHD. As a result, many have difficulty maintaining jobs, relationships, and honestly, their life. They are left angry and frustrated knowing that they have the potential for so much more. There are many successful people with ADHD, but it takes them years to develop the right strategies for them to be successful. We’re taking the guesswork out of that process so that everyone with ADHD can reach their full potential.

What is your Goal?

We want to change the stigma around ADHD by providing people with a skillset that can be applied to your life regardless of the context or environment. By focusing on the cognitive processes that are disrupted by ADHD, we help fix the root causes to your ADHD problems so that you can better achieve your goals.

Can't I just take a pill?

Since 1955 with the introduction of Ritalin, stimulant medication has been a primary form of treatment for ADHD. While medication helps with ADHD symptoms, proper self-management strategies are necessary to improve life outcomes.

Can't I find help online for free?

If you Google non-medication strategies to manage ADHD, there are literally 120 million results that pop up. It is very difficult to determine the ones that work and the ones that may be harmful. Our team of psychiatrists, ADHD coaches and Executive Function specialists have curated ADHD strategies to conquer your Executive Function (EF) failures. The sad truth is that there are only a few specialized clinics that provide scientifically-validated non-medication ADHD treatment and their help costs around $400/hr. The ADHD Company is bringing you those techniques to you digitally for a fraction of the price.

Why subscribe?

You get access to all of our current and upcoming content and tools. We're working on prescriptive daily treatment plans, interactive games and an ADHD radio station so stay tuned!

What are Metacognitive Warmups?

These warmups strengthen your flexible thinking. Flexible thinking, is an executive function that involves the ability to shift attention, change perspectives, and adjust to new situations or demands. By strengthening your flexible thinking you can improve your ability to cope with unexpected situations, solve problems creatively, and effectively transition between the different tasks required of you throughout your day.

What are Cards Against ADHD?

We're glad you asked! These are digital flashcards filled with tips, life-management information and executive function training materials. They're concise, psychoeducational and helpful.