Story 264

Being vulnerable

"The Power of Vulnerability" is a TED talk by Brene Brown that explores the idea of vulnerability and its connection to human connection, happiness, and fulfillment. Brown argues that vulnerability is often seen as weakness in our society, but it is actually the birthplace of creativity, innovation, and change.

Tip 265

To reset your mood, take a few minutes to carefully wash your face. You'll feel refreshed and give your mind a nice reset.

Story 266

Talking about your ADHD

Do you find yourself frustrated when others don't understand your thoughts or statements?

Story 267

Emotional Dysregulation and ADHD

Understanding your deep emotions can be a challenging task, as emotions can often feel overwhelming and difficult to process. However, taking the time to understand and explore your emotions can lead to increased self-awareness, improved relationships, and greater overall well-being.

Story 268

You are not your ADHD

You may have ADHD but that doesn't define you.

Story 269

Embracing Your True Self Beyond ADHD

Living with ADHD can be tough, and it's easy to get caught up in negative thoughts and feelings about yourself.

Tip 270

Pre-assemble outfits so that you don't have to waste time picking out clothes every day.

Story 271

Seeing ADHD as a strength

Are you tired of viewing your ADHD as only a hindrance?

Tip 272

As people with ADHD we need to look after ourselves. Give yourself permission to rest, do what you enjoy, and maintain the relationships you value. Celebrate you; we are all doing the best that we can.

Story 273


Self-work involves taking responsibility for one's own mental and emotional health and working towards self-improvement. It requires a commitment to ongoing personal growth and a willingness to address underlying issues that may contribute to ADHD symptoms.

Tip 274

Trusting in yourself is a constant, daily practice. It begins with belief that the person you were created to be is good.

Tip 275

Have a strong moral compass that guides you. Reflect on your identity every time you make an important decision. Make sure your actions are guided by your principles and allow flexibility in "how" you do something.