Tip 163

Get some of that anger out on your pillow - it can take the hits and you won't regret it. Try punching ten times as fast as possible, then five times as hard as possible. Be careful not to hit a hard part of your bed or backboard.

Tip 164

If you're feeling extra angry: get a pillow, take a deep breath, and put your face into it. Using the pillow to muffle yourself, yell as loud as you can while expelling the air. Repeat this 5 times.

Story 165

Release the tension

Exercise can be a helpful way to manage anger, as physical activity can release endorphins and help to reduce stress levels.

Tip 166

Angry? Put your phone down and count to 10 using all of your fingers. Clench your fists as hard as possible. For each number stick out one of your fingers until you aren't making a fist anymore. Then do it in reverse.

Story 167

Smash your legos

Consider it an alternative to traditional anger management techniques if you're looking for a way to better control your temper.

Story 168

Regret from anger

Admitting that the past cannot be altered is a critical step in managing anger. The only way to move forward is by accepting and processing what has already occurred.