Tip 066

Use a timer to make sure the clothes don't sit damp in the washing machine for too long, otherwise they'll smell.

Tip 067

Wash towels separately. They usually need more time to dry than your other laundry.

Story 068

Do laundry

By making laundry a regular routine, we can simplify our lives and prevent clutter from accumulating.

Tip 069

Use a TV show, podcast, or favorite album to make folding laundry fly by!

Tip 070

Keep a set of hangers by the dryer. Put your shirts on hangers directly out of the dryer and you won't have to iron them.

Story 071

Laundry Ball

Use this game whenever your clothes are on the floor.

Tip 072

Before going to bed, try to lay out tomorrow's outfit. The morning will be less hectic and help you keep track of how much clean clothing you have.

Tip 073

When washing towels, skip the fabric softener. It affects the absorption of the towels.

Tip 074

Having a place to put your clothing will allow you to visualize how close laundry day is. Some people own 2 hampers, one for colored clothes and the other for white clothes.

Tip 075

Pick a day of the week when doing laundry is most convenient, and use that day to do laundry every week. This will help you set a pattern to remember when to do it.

Tip 076

It's easy to forget about laundry; if it stays wet for too long, it may become stinky or moldy. Set timers so that you don't forget to put them in the dryer before doing something else.

Tip 077

The fewer clothes you have to wash, the easier it is to finish laundry. Try to own only clothes that you really need and that can be worn in multiple situations. Avoid clothes that require special care or are high maintenance.

Story 078

Stay fly

By identifying and organizing your dirty and clean clothes, you'll not only improve your personal hygiene but also your self-esteem and the way others perceive you.

Tip 079

Get a hamper where you can easily see how full it is. Keep it visible so you can always toss dirty laundry into it instead of onto the floor.