Tip 083

Donate books you've already read and discard old magazines and newspapers when you get new ones so they don't clutter your home.

Tip 084

Keep a box in your closet for clothing donations. This will keep your closet less cluttered.

Tip 085

Dust constantly builds up. An easy trick to make your area look clean is to do a quick surface dust. Grab an old sock and wipe down your surfaces.

Tip 086

Take the clutter you have and put it into a box or drawer. When it's full, quickly sort through it and throw away stuff you don't need.

Tip 087

As soon as you're done going to the bathroom, flush the toilet. Guests, roommates, and family members will appreciate it. So will your nostrils!

Tip 088

Open your mail close to your trash can. Throw away the junk mail before it can become a pile somewhere. Less junk = less stress.

Tip 089

If your house gets too cluttered, get a non-judgmental family member to help you sort through junk. Decide what to keep or donate.

Tip 090

Put your shredder close to where you keep your mail so it's right there when you need it. Less clutter = better focus.

Story 091

Tidy up

Dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor, and what is that awful smell? Our environment impacts every part of our lives so maintaining where we live is mission critical to our success.

Tip 092

Throw away receipts, junk mail, and wrappers immediately. Keeping them around will only create clutter and may cause anxiety.

Tip 093

Replace wallpapers with a plain, black background to reduce visual noise and distraction on phones, tablets, and computers.