Story 051

Reading the emotion of the room

Reading the mood of others requires observing their faces and listening to the tone of their voices.

Tip 052

Earn brownie points with new people by remembering their name and actually saying it. For example, greet someone with "Nice to see you, Sam."

Story 053

Windows to the soul

To enhance your social skills and relationships, try incorporating this simple trick into your daily routine.

Story 054

Conquering Social Anxiety

Are you struggling with social anxiety and the fear of being judged in social situations?

Story 055

Do they hate me

It is easy to overreact and assume that someone hates us, but the truth is that everyone has bad days and miscommunications, especially those with ADHD.

Tip 056

Make eye contact with yourself in the mirror and say "I love you". Do this as often as you can. When you're making eye contact with yourself, does the statement feel more genuine? How does it make you feel?