Story 043

The Art of Active Listening

We've all been there, having a conversation with someone and feeling like our thoughts are elsewhere.

Tip 044

Check in and stay aware of what your facial expressions are communicating to others. It may help to stand in front of a mirror to check you facial expression. Is it friendly?

Story 045

Let's talk about listening

Listening requires active participation, which means you can either be good or bad at it. Good listeners are called positive listeners and bad listeners are called negative listeners. People tend to want to spend time with positive listeners, not with negative ones.

Story 046

Listening grades

A critical look at the tiers of negative and positive listeners

Story 048

Listening vs. hearing

Listening is an essential component of effective communication. It requires effort and focus to actively listen and understand what someone is saying.

Tip 048

When your friend is saying something that you agree with, nod your head to agree with them. This helps build closeness.

Tip 049

Why are you listening to this person? What is the reason or goal of this conversation? Deciding on the purpose of listening will make it easier for you to concentrate on the conversation.

Story 050

Three C's of listening

There are three key components that make someone a powerful active listener. Practice these things when talking to people that you meet.