Story 028

Conversation Starters

Starting a conversation can be nerve-wracking or difficult when you don't know what to say. But there are ways to make it easier and more fun. Whether you're talking to a new person or an old friend, there are topics that can bring out new sides to your conversation partner and help you connect.

Tip 029

When communicating with a friend, pay attention to cues that indicate they are engaged and comprehending what you're saying: nodding, maintaining eye contact, and smiling when you make a joke.

Story 030

Following Conversations with ADHD

Joining a group conversation can be challenging, especially for those with ADHD. But don't worry, there are some simple strategies that can help you feel confident and engaged.

Story 031

How to have tough conversations

Building stronger relationships through respectful communication

Tip 032

Watch how your friend is standing or sitting when they talk to you. Try mirroring how they are positioning their body as they talk to you. You and your friend will feel closer from doing this.

Story 033

Personal Space and ADHD

Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Tip 034

If your friend is not giving you cues that they understand you, slow down your speech and pause between each thought you are trying to communicate.

Tip 035

Smiling sends the signal that you are friendly and open to meeting people.